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Welcome to Earthpillar Online!

If you're a fan of the novels and half-tales, and you're looking to explore in more detail until the next novel, this is the place.

If you're new to Earthpillar, this is a good place to browse to get an idea of what it's all about while keeping spoilers to a minimum.

Since this is new, only one location is currently explorable: Thorendor Castle, home of the Order of the Candlestone. Here you can go room by room, exploring the galleries of paintings, objects from the novels, alchemical materials, books in the library, and much more. Currently only the first floor is available, but more will be added over time.

"That...was amazing. Both for the creative aspect, and the shear artistic value."

— Raymond St. Elmo, author extraordinaire

"I love this so much! It reminds me of playing those interactive text-based fiction games."

— Delilah Waan, author of the Resonance Crystal Legacy series

Thorendor Castle


  • Avoid using a phone. You'll need to a cursor to search rooms and click on map icons, which may not display well on a phone.
  • Use full screen in your browser, otherwise the clickable areas of maps will not align.


  • Click on the eye icons to observe, and the arrow icons to walk to other rooms.
  • Take note of important things you find, like keys, so you can use them later.
  • Use your cursor to search for hidden objects on the room maps, which will turn your arrow into a pointing hand.
  • Check the Change List for updates, like new objects or map icons that have been added. Or, subscribe to Earthpillar to receive updates directly.
  • To start over, use the home button at the bottom of each page.
  • The majority of content is free, while some bonus material requires a small fee paid via Gumroad.
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Earthpillar Online room maps are designed with DungeonDraft and GIMP. Most of the artwork is painted in Midjourney with modifications/paint-overs using Procreate and GIMP.

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