Christopher C. Fuchs

Christopher C. Fuchs

I’m Chris, author of the Earthpillar world of books and short stories (half-tales, I call them), which are set on an Earth that evolved differently. New continents and seas. Dozens of distinct societies. Materials like some metals have alternative properties. And technologies sometimes develop sooner. The world of Earthpillar spans from prehistory to the steam age, but all are connected in some way.

I used to call my writing “epic adventure” because it has flavors of epic fantasy, action & adventure, historical fiction, and steampunk, but magic and monsters exist only in characters' imaginations and superstitions. While I've since adopted the "epic fantasy" tag to avoid confusion, I still enjoy blending adventure and political intrigue, fictional continents and materials, and customized medieval and early modern technology.

I like to describe of my writing style with these comparisons:

  • the depth and detail of Tolkien, but with persons of morally gray persuasion;
  • the swashbuckling adventure and old-world language of Alexander Dumas;
  • the realism of Guy Gavriel Kay;
  • and the political intrigue of George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones, but with less graphic bloodletting.

Indeed, Kirkus Reviews and another reviewer have compared my writing to Game of Thrones. Another compared it to Terry Pratchett's Discworld. I'm humbled by these comparisons and hope readers continue to enjoy my work--and tell a friend! Word-of-mouth is critical for indie authors.

As you’ll see on my Goodreads bookshelf, my personal interests are broad, from medieval history and philosophy, to astronomy and particle physics. I take an interdisciplinary approach to writing that is influenced by these topics and extensive travel, degrees in history and political science, and a touch of engineering experience.

As the owner of Loremark Publishing, I work with freelance editors, proofreaders, and illustrators to bring my novels and other writings to life. I opted for this middle route between traditional and self publishing because I wanted to ensure high quality books but also retain full control of my writing career. After about a decade of writing and editing, I launched a “rapid release” of three novels during autumn/winter 2019-2020. Some half-tales are also available or soon to be released, and I have a lot of new material at Earthpillar Online that you can explore, including every room in a castle in a choose-your-own-adventure/hypertext novel style. And I have draft and concept material for much more!

Please look around, explore, and immerse yourself. I hope you enjoy what I intend to be a significant expansion of Earthpillar over the next year, not only novels but a continuous expansion of Earthpillar Online.

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