Earthpillar Online: Change List

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  • June 2: Released Thorendor Castle basement floor (B1).
  • May 19-26: Updated formatting for 1F and 2F. Added about 30 better versions of paintings, and revised text in nearly every room of 1F and 2F.
  • 6 April: Changed title of a painting in Student Rooms 1 from The Flames of Warning to The Flames of Defiance.
  • January 16: Released Thorendor Castle, second floor (2F). Moved floor overview maps from the EPO-T main page to their own pages.
  • January 13: 1F Added a found key to Servant Quarters. Linked applicable keys to 2F (soon to be launched). Updated some 1F images and improved overall formatting.


  • November 13: Added reviews to the EPO front page from Raymond St. Elmo (author extraordinaire) and Delilah Waan (author of the Resonance Crystal Legacy series).
  • October 20: Released Thorendor Castle, first floor (1F).
  • October 20: Earthpillar Online launched.


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