“A Top 5 Novel of the Year”

"One of the best fantasy debuts I've read in a while. The writing style takes a little to get used to as it is more old fashioned and closer to Dumas… However, the depth of the universe, the very interesting characters (heroes, villains, major and minor), the action that keeps one guessing (and the quite high body count of characters for that matter) and more generally the narrative force of this novel is such that once one starts understanding what it is all about and gets a feel for the setting, it is really hard to put it down… Overall highly recommended and a top 5 novel of the year for me."

Liviu Suciul, formerly of Fantasy Book Critic, for Lords of Deception

“Visceral Epic Fantasy with Plenty of Political Intrigue”

“This debut novel sees a fragile peace imperiled by a cult of assassins… Fuchs’ epic fantasy is a marathon of political maneuvers packed with assassins, deadly concoctions, and saber-rattling nation states… Readers, even fans of Game of Thrones, might gape at the volume of characters and territories in rotation. The focus inevitably falls on a handful of players, and the narrative thrill comes from the carefully plotted metamorphosis… By the end of this series opener, the principal cast has undergone dramatic changes in anticipation of wider adventures.”

Kirkus Reviews for Lords of Deception

“My New Obsession”

"You can get bad books, average books, good books and then there are books you wish you could wipe from your memory so that you can relive the experience of reading it for the first time again. This is one of those books!… The plot is unique and moves at a great pace… the characters themselves are fascinating and relatable. It is refreshing to get a book in which you have a warrior scholar in the one vessel as I'm used to so many books having either one or the other. I can’t wait till the next installment, and this series is my new obsession... write faster!"

Zoe Pollock, Book Blogger, NetGalley 5-Star Review for Lords of Deception

“Reminiscent of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld”

“[R]efreshing and reminiscent of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld… Within the wilderness of the New World Fuchs has created a fantastical environment that is beautiful but when it becomes dark, it becomes dark!... The number of creative elements within this novel are staggering. Though judging by the debut novel [Lords of Deception], this is not surprising.”

Zoe Pollock, Book Blogger, for The Depths of Redemption

“Compelling Epic Historical Fantasy”

"An exciting reader's hook commences a compelling epic fantasy. A medieval type setting offers scope for thrilling action, adventure, and character development. As a rogue scholar determines to change the march of history, a young nobleman of integrity navigates politics and weaknesses of those in power."

Haunted Reader, Amazon 5-Star Review for Lords of Deception

“Exceptional Epic Fantasy”

"The author has created an entire world and history that explores the complexities of power, honor, sacrifice and morality. The story begins with palace political intrigue that builds to rapid-fire action and a handful of key characters that the reader is compelled to cheer for or hope for demise. This was a book I couldn’t put down, and I’m looking forward to returning to this fascinating new world."

Anonymous, Amazon 5-Star Review for Lords of Deception

“Refreshing and Rich”

"Amazing world building and a profoundly rich storyline. This is one of the most refreshing fantasy novels I’ve read in ages."

Dave, Amazon 5-Star Review for Lords of Deception

“Turbo-charged Game of Thrones”

"Lords of Deception is like a turbo-charged Game of Thrones...There is high-octane action from the first page that is sustained pretty much all the way through [this] impressive debut novel. Ambitious and excellently written."

Philip Dickinson, Goodreads 5-Star Review for Lords of Deception

“Lives Up Beautifully to its Title”

"It was delightful to watch as the characters took paths that led to collision and feel the tension mount as dangerous people tiptoed closer to the people I came to care about…Lords of Deception is a book that lives up beautifully to its title. This book also provides plentiful hours of reading time. Enjoy it with a cup of tea on a windy day and let yourself be lost."

Layla Todd, Goodreads 5-Star Review for Lords of Deception


"What a feat your fantasy novel is...It must be hard for you to live in this world when your imagination is so much more captivating! Great job! This is a book I'll be recommending to my book-loving friends and colleagues. Thank YOU!"

— IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award Judge 2019 for Lords of Deception

“Absolutely Gripping Indie Novel”

"Fantastic novel that keeps you turning pages and wanting more. Even as someone who isn’t a traditional fan of the fantasy genre, I found myself drawn into the cinematic drama of the world Fuchs has created, intensely loving (and despising!) characters in a way I haven’t felt from a book in a very long time. Can’t wait to read the prequels and for the next release."

Brooklyn H., Amazon 5-Star Review for Lords of Deception

“Hard to Put Down”

"This book (I had an ARC) was really well written - I enjoyed it a lot. It describes a crumbling kingdom on the brink of war with its neighbours, as the nobles beneath the king jockey for position and shadowy powers scheme to bring everything crashing down. The narration rotates through the characters with each chapter (a bit like the style of Game of Thrones) and cleverly reveals the plot as this characters experience it. The story is pacy and I found it hard to put down. Can’t wait for book two."

—Jonty S., NetGalley 5-Star Review for Lords of Deception


"The author creates a world with myriad cultures, rich descriptions, and depth of backstory...This well-written novel is recommended for readers of epic fantasy and medieval-like fantasy."

— IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award Judge 2019, 9/10 score for SFF category for Lords of Deception

“I Love Being Able to Follow Different Characters!”

"This tale was quite intriguing... I loved that it jumped from one character to another. I prefer to be able to capture the story from multiple perspectives, so I love being able to follow different characters!"

Angelique Giraud, NetGalley 5-Star Review for Lords of Deception

“The Plot was Unique”

"I really enjoyed the book and am looking forward to the sequel. Characters are well developed and plot moves quickly. The plot was unique."

— Anthony Philosophos, NetGalley 5-Star Review for Lords of Deception