Thorendor, B1: Dungeon 1

You have gone down into the dungeon, specifically the jailor’s room that controls access to the cells. As with the guard quarters upstairs, no soldiers have garrisoned at Thorendor Castle in a very long time. Everything was just as the soldiers have left it.




Prisoner Ledger

On the table you see a ledger that presumably kept records of who had the pleasure of being locked up beneath Thorendor Castle, but it has been ripped up. Curious. You know that Master Arasemis hasn’t had any prisoners here for as long as you have known him. It hasn’t been that long, but he’s never mentioned keeping people in the dungeon.

Interesting Dagger

You see an interesting dagger. You guess that this was left here by someone, perhaps Master Arasemis. It looks too fancy to have been owned by the old guards that manned the castle long ago.


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