Thorendor, B1: Chandlery

You walk into the chandlery, where the servants Yorand and Adalane make candles for the castle’s inhabitants. They also help Master Arasemis prepare alchemical candles here.


Wax Cupboard



A tough wax from the hives of honey bees, usually off-white, yellow, or brownish, depending on purity and flowers used by the bees. It is long burning, highly flammable, and never spoils. It can be remelted, purified, and reused. It burns with a clean yellow flame.

You help harvest honey and wax from the castle apiary. If not for his own hives, Master Arasemis would be forced to buy large amounts of beeswax, which is already expensive. Aside from use in making alchemical and normal candles, the wax is used in bow making, cheese rinds, waterproofing, and many other uses around the castle.



A cheap wax rendered from animal fat, such as mutton and beef. It burns at a fairly standard rate with a yellow flame, but with an offensive odor. If sealed tightly, it can be stored for long periods and taken on journeys because it can double as a food, soap, and medicinal salve for blisters and sores. You remember stories from Master Arasemis about the Rahlampians using tallow as a lubricant for the crude wooden machinery inside their landships.


Stone Wax

A very cheap wax distilled from stone oil using very high heat. It burns at a more reliable rate than tallow with a yellow flame that is soft and odorless. Aside from candles, Master Arasemis uses it to waterproof important papers and book covers. 



A very cheap, moderately-fast burning stick-mounted dried smelt. This oily fish burns with an offensive odor and dim, inconsistent, yellow light. You know that these are only for use by prisoners down in the dungeon, if they are given any light at all.


Cinnamon Wax

A moderately cheap, long-burning wax made by boiling cinnamon in water. It burns with a spicy odor and red-yellow flame. Master Arasemis tends to reserve these types of candles for feasts, or for use in poisonous alchemical candles to hide suspicious odors.


Whale Wax

An expensive, constant and long-burning wax harvested from whale head cavities or by bubbling flammable air through whale oil. It burns odorless and with a bright yellow flame. Master Arasemis reserves this wax for only the finest candle making, given how far Thorendor is from the sea and the great expense paid for it.


Peat Wax

A cheap, standard-burning wax extracted from peat. It burns with an earthy odor and yellow flame.


Plant Wax

A very cheap, plentiful, standard-burning wax excreted by many plants, such as turnips. Depending on the plant, the wax usually burns odorless and with a yellow flame.

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