Thorendor, 2F: Storage

You walk into a storage room that serves as Master Arasemis’s personal stock of wine, candles, firewood, and other items. You decide to look around a bit since Arasemis is out in the forest with the other students, but you expect the back door into his quarters will be locked.




These trunks are unlocked. You open them and see a few dirty old books and some broken quills, but otherwise they are empty. You might come back to the books later, but for now you close the trunks.

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You found this chest to be locked, so you’ll need a key to open it.

Found the key? Use it here.


This chest is unlocked, so you open it. You find gold coins, along with a scrap of paper that looks like a list of alchemical ingredients. You guess that this money is for paying the ingredient hunters often hired by Master Arasemis. Yorand typically handles meeting, paying, and tasking them on behalf of Arasemis.

You take a closer look at the ingredient list:

gill fern
blood lichen
mouse pocket

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