Thorendor, 1F: Servant Quarters

You walk into the tower where the servants’ quarters are located, along with stairwells to the basement and second floor. This is where Yorand and Adalane sleep and eat their meals, often together. You’ve asked Master Arasemis whether they are a couple, and he replied that they are.

Yorand is mute and Adalane is deaf, but this does not slow them down. They work hard to keep the castle fit for Candlestone, and the master treats them very well. They are not formally members of Candlestone, so you and the other students take your queues from Arasemis on what subjects can be discussed in their presence.  However, the master considers them to be wholly loyal and does not tolerate any student that mocks or suspects them. They were his servants at Bredahade Academy when Arasemis was still a professor there, then they came with him to Thorendor.

You see that their quarters are cramped and modestly decorated with Adalane’s drawings. You don’t know much about them, but it is interesting to look.


Door Gallery

You see that Adalane has hung three drawings here near the door. The two old people were servants at Thorendor, probably back when Arasemis’s grandfather, Erwold, lived in the castle. The drawing of a young woman you think may be a saint, but you can’t remember her name.


Hallway Gallery

You see that Adalane has hung five drawings in the hallway. The older men previously worked at the castle as a farmer and fisher. The two younger men are brothers of Adalane. You don’t know who the long-haired man is.


Adalane's Room

You walk into Adalane’s room, where she and Yorand share a table, chairs, and fireplace.


The drawing on the wall near her bed looks like Yorand when he was younger.

Under the drawing there is a small crate of unopened wine bottles on Adalane’s dresser. These are wines that Master Arasemis likes to drink. On top of the crate is a little list with things marked through. It is a list of things to deliver to Arasemis.

As you return the list to the crate, you see something glinting just around the corner of the crate, but the candlelight is dim. You reach around and find something...


You found a key!


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Yorand's Room


You walk into Yorand’s room. There isn’t much to see here, but there is a drawing of a younger Adalane above his bed.

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End Painting


You see that Adalane has hung a single drawing at the end of the hallway. You were told it was her mother.

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