Thorendor, 1F: Kitchen

You walk into the kitchen where smells of good food greet you. Adalane and Yorand cook together, but it appears they have stepped away for the moment. It looks like they are preparing a feast to celebrate the next level of the students’ training.


Recipe Book


You recognize this recipe book as containing some of Arasemis’s favorite dishes.

You see that this page provides instructions on how to make roasted chicken with acorn squash and wild carrots, everything seasoned with sumac berries and Ovelian oregano. It recommends serving with brown bread and honey butter and a stout beer or rich wine. Your stomach growls.

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Pantry 1


You walk into the pantry, which Adalane and Yorand keep stocked with fresh and dried foods. There are many types of herbs, flour, mushrooms, vegetables, eggs, beans, and cooking oils, all stuffed into sacks, jars, bowls, and baskets.

You start to feel hungry but you turn and leave before you’re forced into helping prepare the dinner.

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Pantry 2


Here in the second pantry, you see a corroded metal strongbox on one of the tables. You try to open it, but the strongbox is locked. You’ll need a key. You catch a strong whiff from it and guess that this one contains poisons for uninvited dinner guests.

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Cutting Table

You see that one of the cutting tables is filled with many different kinds of foods. Arasemis has always kept you and the other students well-fed. Food, bed, weapons, training, there is nothing that you’ve had to obtain for yourself here at Thorendor Castle. In return, he only requires loyalty, patience, and dedication to our training and tasks.

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