Thorendor, 1F: Hallway & Wine Room

Here you find a hallway and the wine room adjacent to the kitchen.




You see an exotic candelabra made of solid electrum. There is a small plaque with “in memoriam” etched on it, to someone you’ve never heard of. The candelabra reminds you of the many ostentatious statues and decorations that the Brintilian Empire once used to decorate their important colonial buildings.

Master Arasemis once said Exarch Bredahade, the emperor’s highest representative in the New World, was particularly fond of electrum objects, probably because he knew it was sacred to the Gallerlanders. Bredahade’s smiths fashioned electrum into every known bird, beast, and fish of the New World to decorate his palace in Eglamour. These animals were used as handles, doors, lamps, braziers and other things, and could be seen perching from rafters and bannisters, in fountains, and innumerable other places.

You squint at the candelabra but it’s unclear if Arasemis has this one as a colonial trophy, perhaps from Bredahade’s palace, or if came from elsewhere.

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You walk to the end of the wine room and see a table of tasting bottles. Master Arasemis enjoys fine wines. Thorendor’s vineyards are mostly grown over with weeds, but he has a large stock of wine in the cellars beneath the castle. Much of it is delicious Gromanese wine, from the Faukshal Island District of northern Calbria. Arasemis’s cellars are supplied by smugglers led by Captain Renaud, who has also facilitated some Candlestone tasks, for a price.

Before leaving the table, you take a sip of one of the recently opened bottles. It is rich and warming.

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