Thorendor, 1F: Guest Apartments

You walk down the hall where the guest apartments are located. Master Arasemis doesn’t have many guests these days, but the rooms are ready for any visitors that may be welcomed. They smell a bit stale and are a tad dusty, but the servants, Yorand and Adalane, clean them as necessary.



You feel a draft in the wall over here but you can’t remember whether there was a passage on this side or not.

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Floor Residue

You walk toward the window to look out into the courtyard. You stop when something crunches underfoot. You see a reddish residue on the floor. You get down on your knees for a closer look. It looks like something spilled on the stone floor and cause it to crack and flake into sharp, crystalline bits.

From your alchemy lessons, you recognize the distinct geometric pattern of the flaking as a sign that a carbuncle mixture was spilled here. You recall that being cut with a carbuncle blade or inhaling the powdered crystals causes a victim to die slowly of a fever that nullifies the senses one by one.

Master Arasemis may have previously poisoned a guest in this room. You stand up and back away from the residue. You leave the room, noting that you need to tell Marlan about it so it can be cleaned up properly.

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You feel a draft in the wall and feel the small crack in the wall. This was definitely one of the rooms where the master of the castle could keep an eye on suspicious visitors.

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