Thorendor, 1F: Guard Tower Right

You walk into the tower that once housed some of the guards. All the equipment is old and unused.


Old Equipment


You see a sword lying on top of one of the equipment chests. It looks like someone was trying to restore the sword. It has a decent edge to it, but the rust and chips in the blade are considerable. You open the chest and two moths fly out. You see some old clothes falling apart, warped leather shoes, and not much else.

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There is a draft here, but you remember why. Hidden behind the wardrobe is a small door that leads to a postern in the wall of the castle. It’s a secret escape into the courtyard, or can be used for a stealthy ambush against anyone foolish enough to attack Thorendor. Master Arasemis has made you and the other students practice this a few times, but no one thinks you’ll ever need to use it.

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