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The entryway to Thorendor Castle is unguarded, just as it has been since you first came here as a student of the Order of the Candlestone. Master Arasemis says we have no need for guards, we rely only on ourselves. It is his ancestral property, isolated in the dark and quiet forested foothills of the Vaudreuil Mountains east of Bredahade. It is home.

You are the first to finish the training in the nearby woods, so you approach the great iron-oaken doors. You look up at the yellowish-brown, almost golden hue of the exterior stone of the castle. You've often marveled at the unique form of the castle, with its central pyramid atop the keep, and symmetric towers studding the corners. Some students said it resembled a shrunken mountain, but to you it’s like an exotic temple.

You push open the unlocked door.


As you pass through the double doors into the vestibule, you smile as you glance at the hinges where the floor and walls meet, clues to the mechanism under the floor. The large trapdoor is the first of many surprises that await any army foolish enough to attack Thorendor.