The Depths of Redemption



Craving the adventures of his past life as a colonial knight, Rildning joins an expedition to seek allies among the natives of the New World of Pemonia. When the mission goes awry, Rildning learns the true objectives: gold and blood. Betrayed by the empire and haunted by his past, he pushes on in search of a lost companion.

Rildning struggles to survive the rugged wilderness only to be taken captive by natives. By choosing to abandon his old life and enduring the natives’ trials, he earns their respect and finds a new purpose—and even love.

As the imperial legions march on the natives’ capital, Rildning discovers an ancient secret: a prophecy that could bring the Old and New Worlds together, or forever keep them at war.

The Depths of Redemption is the first of a double prequel to Lords of Deception. It is the only Earthpillar novel written in the first person, in the form of Rildning's journal. The second prequel is A Light in the Depths.

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