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Progress on LOD2

Another belated post that Earthpillar subscribers received in October. I’ve been fixated on my next novel, the direct sequel to Lords of Deception. Let’s start calling it LOD2, since I haven’t revealed the title. I’ve drafted more than 30 chapters since mid-August, so probably… Continue Reading “Progress on LOD2”


A belated post today. This one originally went out to Earthpillar subscribers back in July. Earlier this year I entered two contests, and here are the results! Back in during the spring, when Covid-19 was just starting to bloom, Lords of Deception was judged… Continue Reading “Contests”

Obsessed with the details

I’ve used the past 12 weeks or so reading too much pandemic news and procrastinating writing my next novel. But I haven’t been unproductive. I wrote a 300-page Earthpillar Encyclopedia to capture my world-building covering my 3 novels and several short stories. So what’s… Continue Reading “Obsessed with the details”

SPFBO6 Contest Participant

I’m very excited to announce that my debut epic adventure novel, Lords of Deception, is part of Mark Lawrence’s SPFBO 6 contest this year. The book is being judged by Esme at the Weatherwax Report blog. The contest is a great way to highlight… Continue Reading “SPFBO6 Contest Participant”

Naming Conventions

I’ve received a few comments about the naming conventions of characters in the first novel. So for anyone interested, this post is about how I designed them. There are currently 32 cultures in the world Earthpillar that have distinct naming conventions. These are influenced… Continue Reading “Naming Conventions”

Next Novel in December!

My debut Lords of Deception is fully out in all formats and starting to bring in very positive reviews on Goodreads, NetGalley, and elsewhere. I appreciate these readers taking the time to post reviews, particularly Liviu Suciul (former co-editor of Fantasy Book Critic), who… Continue Reading “Next Novel in December!”

New Release: Lords of Deception

At long last, my debut novel, Lords of Deception is now released! Learn more here. E-book formats are available today. Unfortunately, paperback and hardback versions are still queued up at the printing company but will be available before November (hopefully as soon as a… Continue Reading “New Release: Lords of Deception”

Pub Date Set for Debut Novel

A release date has finally been set for my debut novel, Lords of Deception! That will be 12 October 2019. The book is currently pending a review by Kirkus, then it’s off to the presses! In the meantime, my two published short stories (The… Continue Reading “Pub Date Set for Debut Novel”

New Excerpt Posted!

Now that editing has progressed on Book One, I’ve posted an excerpt for it here. Enjoy! Also of note, you may have noticed the Novels and excerpt pages have changed. After discussing with my primary editor, I’ve decided to publish the third book (written… Continue Reading “New Excerpt Posted!”

Book 3 First Draft Completed

Today I finished the first draft of Book 3, earlier than expected. The characters demanded I keep up with them, so I just rolled along. The book practically wrote itself in ten weeks (excluding early development), thanks to my sabbatical. What happens next? I’ll… Continue Reading “Book 3 First Draft Completed”

Book 3 Update

I’m about three weeks away from finishing the first draft of Book 3. I nearly doubled my writing quota during the past week as the book is coming to its exciting conclusion. My weekly goal is to write ten chapters; I wrote 17 this… Continue Reading “Book 3 Update”

Farewell Danleri, Hello Arasemis

I completely re-wrote the prologues and epilogues for Book 1 and Book 2. Danleri the historian has been replaced by a more interesting dialogue between characters that will appear in Book 3. Read the new Book 1 prologue here. Don’t worry if you liked… Continue Reading “Farewell Danleri, Hello Arasemis”

Return to Book 3

Today I return to writing Book 3. Four years ago I stopped after writing about 100 pages because I didn’t want to tackle its complexity (four main characters) as we were expecting our first child. Then I was compelled to write Book 1 and… Continue Reading “Return to Book 3”