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A belated post today. This one originally went out to Earthpillar subscribers back in July. Earlier this year I entered two contests, and here are the results! Back in during the spring, when Covid-19 was just starting to bloom, Lords of Deception was judged… Continue Reading “Contests”

Naming Conventions

I’ve received a few comments about the naming conventions of characters in the first novel. So for anyone interested, this post is about how I designed them. There are currently 32 cultures in the world Earthpillar that have distinct naming conventions. These are influenced… Continue Reading “Naming Conventions”

Return to Book 3

Today I return to writing Book 3. Four years ago I stopped after writing about 100 pages because I didn’t want to tackle its complexity (four main characters) as we were expecting our first child. Then I was compelled to write Book 1 and… Continue Reading “Return to Book 3”