Lamp Armor


“Surely you’ve heard of the exotic armor used by the assassins,” Arthan said. “The burning man’s had glowing veins of fire.”

“Yes.” Danleri nodded. “I believe Arasemis found—or, less likely, built—wearable contraptions called mechans. They are special armors that were used by Candlestone warriors for centuries. They combine all aspects of aerina, chemina, and machina, which was the great goal of the Candlestone masters—including Arasemis. He must have found them somewhere, but where I could not guess. He had many treasure hunts planned.”

“What else is Arasemis looking for?”

Danleri’s tone grew dour. “Alchemical swords, shroud eggs, mechans…these are only the beginning. Arasemis will not be satisfied, indeed, he’ll need other Candlestone relics to keep ahead of his enemies. He will strike to unearth more powerful relics, always reaching for new advantages over the traditional methods of war.”

“What relics? What methods?” Debanor asked.

Danleri arched his eyebrows. “Unimaginable things…”

“Magic?” Livonier asked.

“Magic is a fairy tale for children,” Danleri said. “More powerful and dangerous is the mind of man, twisting and cajoling the nature of the world. Breaking the natural boundaries in which we are meant to be set…”

“Wall running?” Arthan asked.

“Similar. That breaks the bounds on us that keep our feet on the earth. But think bigger. Imagine ships of the air. Stones that move themselves. Metals that transform the air into a flash of searching starlight.”

“Do such things exist?” Serdot asked.

“I do not know, but old texts speak of them…These are things that people will readily say are impossible or magical, because the truth behind these methods is meant to be hidden to them. Arasemis will try to find these relics and use them to overthrow kingdoms. This war with the Rugens will buy him the time and opportunity that he needs.”

“I will stop him,” Arthan said.

Excerpted from Lords of Deception.

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