Half-Tales are Earthpillar novelettes and short stories that often feature existing characters or locales from the novels, or expand on historical and future events. Half-Tales are often released between novel releases. Subscribe to Earthpillar on the homepage to receive two free half-tales, be notified of new releases, get discount codes, and other exclusive content!

The Revolution Machine

Having escaped the hazards of coal boring to patrol the streets as a warden, Melrid is targeted by a rebellion led by a brother she thought was dead.

The Fourth Messenger

Some said she was guided by the divine, others that she was a false prophet. Later all agreed she was the beginning of a bloody schism that would last for centuries.

The Feuding Tower

A desperate nobleman facing imminent foreign invasion takes unusual steps to end ancient clan feuds among his people.

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People disappear if they ask why they’ve lived there for generations, imprisoned. But a stonecutter stumbles into the answer, and a destiny difficult to accept.

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