The Fourth Messenger


Cover art by Aaron Wilkerson

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E-Book ISBN: 978-1-946883-08-7

Some said Priestess Azra was a saint, guided by the divine in all things and her birth marked with omens. Yet she struggled to decipher her visions while keeping within the bounds set by her cautious bishop.

Others branded her a heretic, prone to fabrication and falsehoods, and corrupting of the young and weak of mind. As the ranks of Azra’s adherents swelled, she became a threat not only to the established clergy, but also the expansionist aims of her king.

Later generations agreed that Azra was the beginning of a bloody schism that would span two continents and last for centuries.

The Fourth Messenger is set in Gadolin about seven hundred years before the events of Lords of Deception. A novelette of fifteen chapters.

The Fourth Messenger

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