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Welcome to Earthpillar Online!

If you're a fan of the novels and half-tales, and you're looking to explore in more detail until the next novel, this is the place.

If you're new to Earthpillar, this is a good place to browse while keeping spoilers to a minimum.

Since this is new, only one location is currently explorable: Thorendor Castle, home of the Order of the Candlestone.

"That...was amazing. Both for the creative aspect, and the shear artistic value."

— Raymond St. Elmo, author extraordinaire

"I love this so much! It reminds me of playing those interactive text-based fiction games."

— Delilah Waan, author of the Resonance Crystal Legacy series

Thorendor Castle


  • Avoid using a phone. You'll need to a cursor to search rooms and click on map icons, which may not display well on a phone.
  • Use full screen in your browser, otherwise the clickable areas of maps will not align.


  • Click on the eye icons to observe, and the arrow icons to walk to other rooms.
  • Take note of important things you find, like keys, so you can use them later.
  • Use your cursor to skim the maps for hidden objects, which will turn your arrow into a pointing hand as you hover.
  • Check the Change List for updates, like new objects or map icons that have been added. Or, subscribe to Earthpillar to receive updates directly.
  • To start over, use the home button at the bottom of each page.
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Earthpillar Online room maps are designed with DungeonDraft and GIMP. Most of the artwork is painted in Midjourney with modifications/paint-overs using Procreate and GIMP. All of the text is original or sourced from the Earthpillar novels.

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