Farewell Danleri, Hello Arasemis

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I completely re-wrote the prologues and epilogues for Book 1 and Book 2. Danleri the historian has been replaced by a more interesting dialogue between characters that will appear in Book 3. Read the new Book 1 prologue here. Don’t worry if you liked the studious Danleri as he’ll make an appearance in Book 3.

Speaking of Book 3, I’ve drafted the first 40 chapters! Like all my books, they are short chapters but this is still about one-third of the book. So I’ve made great progress over the past month.

As always, thanks for following. Now, back to writing...

Return to Book 3

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Today I return to writing Book 3. Four years ago I stopped after writing about 100 pages because I didn't want to tackle its complexity (four main characters) as we were expecting our first child. Then I was compelled to write Book 1 and Book 2 as prequels to Book 3. Now that I have two novels under my belt, along with two novelettes, several short stories, and an Earthpillar atlas, I'm ready to return to Book 3.

What atlas? I drew it while working on the short stories. I wanted to give scale to the continent of Pemonia and be consistent when writing about places separated by long distances and centuries of time.

For now the atlas covers 28 province-sized regions of Pemonia (only about half the continent) fitted together on a giant 8 ft x 7 ft heavy art paper map. Rivers and elevation changes are illustrated with Derwent tinted charcoal. It is a tool for my writing and a professional can improve it in the future, but you can view a sample on the Maps Page [no longer available].

Thanks for reading about the progress of my work. I'll pursue publishing options with more gusto later this summer. Then hopefully you will enjoy reading it as much as I've enjoyed writing it. For now, back to writing...

Shorts & Maps

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I mostly took a break from the novels over the past two months to write short stories. I have a novelette and five shorts currently submitted to online magazines for potential publication. A second novelette is currently being edited. All of these stories take place in the Earthpillar world.

A special thanks to those who began following my site over the past month. It’s gratifying to be able to start sharing some of my material while I continue querying literary agents and publishers.

Now, back to writing...

Book 2 Sample Chapter

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Greetings and Happy New Year! Now that two beta readers have finished most of the second novel, I’ve posted one of the chapters as an excerpt here [removed].

An excerpt from book 1 is still available here [removed], and a peek at books 1-3 can be found on the Novels Page. If you like the excerpts, please consider commenting or spreading the word. Enjoy!

What is Earthpillar?

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Earthpillar is our planet Earth, formed and evolved differently. The laws of physics are the same (no magic) and all characters are human.

But the continents and the peoples are different, and once-extinct animals still live. Materials, especially metals, evolved with different properties. And humans developed alternate technologies--such as underwater breathing urns and landships that sail across fields--that are integrated into complex plots.

Earthpillar stories currently span about 10,000 years along the in-world timeline, from the primitive and medieval (Books 1-3) to the advent of steam power (half tale). Just like in the real world, ancient events influence characters thousands of years later.

If you like colorful characters and fantastical places but want to try something a bit different, you've found the right place. If you like stories told from multiple perspectives (think Game of Thrones), layered plots, vivid landscapes, multiple maps, extensive glossaries, and detailed character charts, then check out the excerpts and stay tuned as I navigate publishing options.

In The Beginning…

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Greetings, I'm Chris. I've written fiction for as long as I can remember, but I always kept it under wraps because I didn't know what I was doing and never took it seriously. I entertained myself and that was enough, until friends encouraged me to take it more seriously.

I've written 2.5 novels and a few short stories, all part of my Earthpillar world. Several first readers have edited them but nothing is published yet.

For me, quality is more important than rushing to publish. I'm currently querying agents to represent the novels to publishers, and I'm submitting the shorts to online magazines.

I started this website and blog to talk about my work and ideas. It's a work in progress so please excuse the "under construction" parts. My focus is on writing, so posts will be irregular, at least for now.

Feel free to post your thoughts throughout the site, or contact me with comments, questions, or critiques.

Thanks for visiting! Now, back to writing...