Cover art by Aaron Wilkerson


People disappear if they ask why they have lived imprisoned in an enormous island tower for generations.

Most live within the base of the mountain of stone blocks, with only rare moments at small windows. Others are confined to the mildew and stench of chambers below the waterline of the sea.

The nobility live higher, enjoying tall windows, sunlight reflected down into the interior of the structure, and even orchards with real trees. On top of Arcodum are four castles, where the four untouchable tetrarchs rule in secret, protected by the tower knights.

This is the way it’s always been, for as long as anyone can remember, yet no one can remember why. But when a young stonecutter stumbles into the answer, he also discovers a destiny difficult to accept.

Arcodum is currently the only  Earthpillar story set completely in the Old World continent of Almeria, about seven hundred years before the events of Lords of Deception. A novelette.

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