A Light in the Depths



The empire continues to colonize the New World and Rildning struggles to unify the natives. Rildning and his companions fan out across the continent to persuade other tribes to join in a common defense, but whether they can put aside ancient rivalries is uncertain.

Elsewhere, the commander of the imperial Frontier Corps acquires Rildning's journal (see The Depths of Redemption). As a result, he knows his enemy well and works to undermine Rildnings' efforts until the Frontier Corps can reach the natives' mountain safe haven.

While faced with the challenges of unifying the tribes, Rildning must also contend with natives who believe he should be their next high king, while others consider him to be an imperial spy.

The legacy Rildning ultimately leaves for the natives, and the new imperial provinces, will fever the dreams of kings for generations.

A Light in the Depths follows The Depths of Redemption as the second of a two part prequel to Lords of Deception. Each chapter reads from the perspective of one of many characters across the continent of the New World, from colonists to native tribes.

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