Thorendor Castle Basement Launched


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Greetings Earthpillar adventurers! I hope your summer is shaping up well. With this second quarter newsletter, I hereby launch the basement floor of the Thorendor Castle online interactive.

Earthpillar Online

I hope you’ve had a chance to explore the first floors of the Earthpillar Online interactive project, a click-through of the rooms of Thorendor Castle, where the Order of the Candlestone resides during the Lords of Deception novel.

Similar to a choose-your-own-adventure, you explore the castle as one of Master Arasemis’s students. You can view alchemical objects and other artwork, read book excerpts, and find keys for chests and doors.

You can wander each room to learn more about the Earthpillar world you’ve read about in the novels (or get a taste of the writing if you haven't), without stumbling into spoilers.

This interactive has grown quite large, with the combined text already the length of a novella.

There are now 43 room maps to click through. They contain 400+ visuals, most with description and lore. And this is only 3 of 10 floors.

So there is much to explore. Click on the below images of alchemical objects to try it out.

(Clicking on maps will not work well on a phone screen.)

The basement of Thorendor Castle contains beer and wine cellars, dungeon, alchemical laboratory, ingredient storage, forge, and chandlery.

If you’ve read Lords of Deception, you know that the adherents of the Order of the Candlestone must train as warriors and alchemists, meaning they spend just as much time down in the laboratory as they do in the training hall upstairs.

If they can master these and other skills, they can avoid the fate of Sennacher, a Candlestone member who wore reactive armor before understanding how to properly use it. Click on the image below for his story.


New Book Store

You can now buy Earthpillar e-books directly from my website, rather than having to go to Gumroad.

Remember, Lords of Deception is only $0.99. That's a steal for a nearly 600-page epic fantasy novel.

Check it out to see why the former co-editor of Fantasy Book Critic, Liviu Suciul, called it “One of the best fantasy debuts I’ve read in a while…a top 5 novel of the year for me.”


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Thanks for reading!


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