What is Earthpillar?

EarthpillarIcon (© 2014)

Earthpillar is our planet Earth, formed and evolved differently. The laws of physics are the same (no magic) and all characters are human.

But the continents and the peoples are different, and once-extinct animals still live. Materials, especially metals, evolved with different properties. And humans developed alternate technologies--such as underwater breathing urns and landships that sail across fields--that are integrated into complex plots.

Earthpillar stories currently span about 10,000 years along the in-world timeline, from the primitive and medieval (Books 1-3) to the advent of steam power (half tale). Just like in the real world, ancient events influence characters thousands of years later.

If you like colorful characters and fantastical places but want to try something a bit different, you've found the right place. If you like stories told from multiple perspectives (think Game of Thrones), layered plots, vivid landscapes, multiple maps, extensive glossaries, and detailed character charts, then check out the excerpts and stay tuned as I navigate publishing options.